Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Moomin compact mirrors

Pocket sized mirrors with Finn Family Moonmin troll designs.

Are you familiar with the Moomin family? The Moomim's are, more or less, the Finnish version of Winnie-the-Pooh only instead of a bear they're a family of trolls. But cute trolls that live in houses and look like furry hippopotamuses instead of creepy trolls who live under bridges and have neon hair. I believe they had their origins in a comic strip but are most famously featured in a wonderfully strange series of children's novels. 

As with most things wonderfully strange they are popular in Japan and one can find many Moomin goods produced there. 

The first mirror featuring Moomin Papa and Moomin Mamma is available here, the second featuring Moomin Troll and the Snork Maiden is available here and the third featuring Snufkin and Little My is available here, each for £7.00. (Sorry, I was not able to find a stateside shop carrying these.)

Although aren't the colors off on these? I thought Snork Maiden was a sea green color.

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