Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dylan's Candy Bar scented notebooks

Dylan's Candy bar cupcake scented notebook

Sweet smelling notebooks!

Dylan's Candy bar chocolate bar scented notebook

Dylan's Candy bar gumball machine scented notebook

Dylan's Candy Bar scented notebooks
I've been wanting to post something from Dylan's Candy Bar since February. With their sweet themed stationary and accessories they've definitely got a good handle on "cute". And, hey, not only do they sell things that look like cute food (there by abiding by cute rule #257) but they sell cute food itself! And not just cute food but candy-coated sugary adorableness!

Ok, ok, enough with the hyperbole. Seriously though they've got good stuff. I mean haven't you always thought your spiral notebook should smell (and look) like cupcakes?

Cupcake, chocolate bar and gumball machine spiral notebooks (ach! I keep typing noteboots - new product idea? Boots you can write on? No?) from Dylan's Candy Bar for $12 each.

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