Hopefully this blog has made you smile. That's all I want it to do. I want to have a place where if you're stressed, or just looking for something to pick you up, you can come here and find something that's soothing. There's something about round, cute, pastel creations that sooth me when I'm stressed.

The title translates to "Lilli is fond of" and that's exactly what this blog is. A collection of things of which I'm fond. I hope you like it too. 

Much love,

P.S. I'd love input on what to post! If you have something cute you want to share with the world-or as much of the world as this blog reaches-drop me a line via the contact page!

If you own the copyright to any of the images on this site and want me to take them down let me know using the contact form. I've spent some time thinking about this and researching it. I was concerned that this site might be illegal and I would need to take it down. If things like Google images are covered under fair use then I think this is too. I don't think that single business law class I took qualifies me to speak authoritatively on these matters so do let me know if you want something taken down.

However, if I'm posting about something on here it's because I like it and want to promote it. If you are a copyright owner and we can work something out where I remove full size versions of images and then direct traffic to your site I'd rather do that than completely remove the content.

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