Friday, March 8, 2013

SPÖKA lamp

Ikea SPÖKA night light

Ikea SPÖKA night light red

Ikea SPÖKA night light blue
These majorly adorable night lights are from IKEA (as you might of guessed by the name). They're round, and they have ears and faces which are, like, two of the major rules for making anything cute. Plus they apparently change colors when you press on their heads. The IKEA website says they're supposed to be ghosts but I prefer to think of them as little, colorful mice.

Unfortunately, they're only available in stores (and on Ebay with a bit of a markup).

As for the lack of updates lately. I have some big things happeing in my real life that have been and will be taking up some of my time and energy. I still want to update this site. However, updates will be as time allows and may be a little sparse.

Image credits to IKEA.

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