Monday, March 31, 2014

Krispy Kreme Japan Easter donuts

Krispy Kreme japan easter donuts

Krispy Kreme always seems to release much cuter donuts in Japan than it does in the US. I suppose of most things in Japan though...

These are available tomorrow! (If you're in Japan.) More info after the break.

Krispy Kreme japan easter donuts

First we have a caramel chick donut,

Krispy Kreme japan easter donuts

then there's a donut called "strawberry milky",

Krispy Kreme japan easter donut
and, lastly, we have marshmallow vanilla egg donut.

The Easter donuts will be available from April 1st through May 20th and each donut costs 430 yen.

Get all the details from Krispy Kreme's Japanese website.

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