Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kutsushita Nyanko Natural Music Wallpaper (Feruary 2014) + new product line

Kutsushita Nyanko (sock cat) is one of San-x's many cute characters. This month San-x releases a line featuring Kutushita Nyanko in relaxed, country theme with natural colors.

See the full product line after the jump.

Natural music products include:

 erasers (no price listed),

 keychains - or maybe phone strap? (no price listed),

a kuttari ("resting" - I think this means filled with beans) plush (1,350 yen),

 pencils (no price listed),

lettersets (no price listed),

 memo pads (280 yen),

 coin purses (950 yen),

a mini tote bag (1,800 yen),

a mobile pouch (1,280 yen),

notebooks (380 yen),

a pencil case (980 yen),
a train pass case (1,280 yen),

a pouch (1,280 yen),

and last, and possibly cutest, finger puppets (450 yen).

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